Interactive Projector For Gaming Turns any Floor into Playable Game Board

praca za granicą bez języka dobrze płatna Interactive Projector For Gaming Turns any Floor into Playable Game Board The future is here. One of the most exciting and innovative technologies available in the market today is that of interactive floor projection.We have all seen such projectors in futuristic science fiction movies or television shows and have drooled over the endless possibilities it presents. However, the number of people who still believe that this is something of the future is shockingly high. It is imperative that more people are aware that such wonderful technology exists.

In fact, it has been around in some shape or form since the nineteen nineties. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, such projectors are easily accessible too. These are mostly used in classrooms to aid students in learning. However, lately these are becoming famous for an entirely different reason which is for its gaming applications. The notion that people can use their hands or feet to play any game at any surface is very appealing.

What is an Interactive Gaming Projector? An interactive projector for kids can virtually turn any surface or floor into a playable game board. Be it a wall, the floor or even the kitchen table, it will change any surface into any kind of entertainment stage you want. This has amazing possibilities. People get to control interactive displays by physical movement and relatively simple gestures.

A single projector can be used to play a variety of games. This can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. Moreover, these projectors can be used to play several different games as their use is not limited to a specific one. Apart from the hundreds of gaming options, it is also possible for users to design their own custom interactive games and its effects. The famous game where ‘the floor is lava’ can be played with a new sense of realism.

How does it work? An Interactive Gaming Projector makes use of the built-in sensors to track gestures. For example, if the image projected is that of a pool, the sensors would track gestures and react accordingly. This means that the projector would make it seem as if the water is splashing if someone were to step on it. Playing games would feel more real and fun than ever before using this revolutionary technology. Which Games can be played?

There are several games that can be played using such projectors. One of the most famous would be games regarding Virtual Sports such as rugby or soccer. Dance Floor games are also popular. The floor can also be transformed into the Ocean with moving waves and several kinds of marine life animals. Hot Lava is another popular game where players have to avoid the floor, as it is made of lava, by standing on pieces of furniture or cushions. People who love dual player games should be thrilled too as the Interactive Gaming Projector can also turn any surface into an air hockey platform or a foosball table.

Furthermore, it can be used to play the ‘Squash Game’ where children can use their hands to squash popping bugs or insects.

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