Primo Registrations – Make Your Marque!

Primo Registrations – Make Your Marque! You’ve bought the car, so why not add some horse power with an exclusive, personalised registration from Primo Registrations! Founded in 2001 Primo Registrations are leading UK cherished registration mark dealers who specialise in top quality registrations. Unlike no other, Primo Registrations offer the highest spec plates on the market, with over 15,000 available to view online. And, as their range of registrations is constantly updated, you’re sure to find what you are looking for.

5 years agoInvestment potential Not much can match the pleasure of driving your dream car, except, maybe, adding that personal touch with a unique plate from Primo Registrations. It also makes sound financial sense too. Here’s more on praca za Granicą olx review our web site. Over the last decade sale prices on selected plates have increased more than tenfold. Take for example MAC 4W – this personal reg was purchased for Ł810 in 2008 and within just one month, the price had jumped to Ł4,250 (that’s a massive increase of 425 %!). Another excellent example is 4A, Oferty pracy poznań which sold for Ł6,800 back in 1994 and is now worth in excess of Ł100,000.

However, the real winner is the coveted A1 plate, as Peter Johnson from Primo Registrations explains:- “If the A1 mark ever came back onto the market it would be worth well over Ł1m – we have buyers actually waiting for that plate!” Johnson also offers advice on future investment plates and is currently recommending 51VA:- “Siva is a great plate to invest in – not only is it a great two number/digit reg which has seen an increase in value over the last few years, but it is also a Christian name and surname, along with being a Hindu God.

We currently have it up for Ł13,999 and see great investment potential for this in the future.” Primo Registrations offer a vast selection of the ‘most-wanted’ marks including 6ED, V14GRA, FAC1A, MR5 5NOB, W4VER, 4 SPY, V EV1L and the much sought after RE0 8ULL! Why not give your car ‘wings’! Whether you work for RedBull or can’t get enough of the super cool brand, Primo Registrations has the elusive RE0 8ULL plate on offer for Ł49,999 – the perfect mark for bringing your car to life!

Passionate about what they do, Primo Registrations pride themselves on a smooth transaction with NO HIDDEN COSTS, excellent customer service and fast, efficient delivery, ensuring your car transformation is as quick as possible. ALL prices include VAT, DVLA Transfer Fees, quality Plates with fixing pads and screws, delivery and there is no extra charge for paying on your card. Every purchase also comes with the PRIMO REGISTRATIONS LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE* So, why not stand out from the crowd with a unique registration from Primo Registrations.

Not only do these coveted plates make you the envy of all your friends but they also offer real investment potential and are a true status symbol.

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