How to make her p*ssy wet, and not even touch her

I want you to try something for me…

Try talking dirty to your woman–when you’re not in the bedroom.

Whisper it. Come up behind her and say something sensual. Use “naughty words” liberally.

See what happens.

Notice her reaction. Notice her response.

Chances are, her eyes will roll, she’ll tell you how you’re making her wet, then she’ll take you by the hand and she’ll try to take you to the bedroom.

But DON’T go with her… just yet.

Remember, you’re the man. You’re the one in control.

You decide when (or if) she gets some of your cock.

Do this and your woman’s response will be 10X what you were expecting.

Remember people in general want what they can’t have, especially when it comes to romance.

So feel free to be coy, to tease… to string her along, until she’s so hot with anticipation… she’s ready to explode.

You see, Adam Armstrong’s written a new book called Bedroom Boss–69 Ways To Fvck Her.

(I don’t think the 69 is a coincidence.)

In it Adam reveals a night by night, step by step plan that can transform any couple’s sex life.


By inserting a small or large dose of dominance and control into the lovemaking.

Adam’s got the studies as well as personal experiences of hundreds of guys he’s coached that prove women deeply appreciate being submissive in the presence of a strong, domineering man.

Now, you may say BDSM is not for you. And I can appreciate that. It’s not for me either.

But Adam’s methods do not require BDSM-caliber stuff. No dungeons. No whips or chains required.

The plan is simple: To mindfvck her FIRST before you even get started.

You see, the best sex occurs in a woman’s mind, BEFORE it ever reaches her p*ssy.

And that’s what Adam teaches you how to do. Mindfvck her first AND THEN have all the fun you want.

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Do that and you’ll find your woman 10X more responsive to your every touch.


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How To Go From Boring to BADASS in the Bedroom!

Bedroom Boss is a guide to help men develop sexual confidence and improve their performance in the bedroom. It provides ways to help you increase sexual desire and stamina in order to satisfy a woman.

The book addresses the mental and physical issues preventing you from an enjoyable sex life and how to overcome these challenges.

Some of the areas covered:

Understanding what a woman desires

Bedroom techniques to please a woman

Overcoming size limitations you think you may have

How to consistently deliver an orgasmic performance

How to effectively use your tongue to pleasure a woman

Naturally develop ejaculation control towards lasting stamina

Spicing up your sex-life with role-play, toys, and exotic techniques

Strategies to improve your confidence and overcome limiting beliefs

Understanding sex signals and measuring your bedroom performance

Overcoming anxiety and fear, and becoming more confident and relaxed

Why a full erection is not always needed to enjoy highly erotic and satisfying sex

Expanding your boundaries to enjoy more pleasurable experiences and relationships

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What is Bedroom Boss?

Bedroom Boss is a book that teaches men 69 different ways that they can shock and impress their partner in the bedroom. The guide is fairly explicit for men to get involved if they are prepared for a higher level of boldness in their sexual experiences.

Written by Adam Armstrong, Bedroom Boss 69 Ways to Blow Her Mind offers the ultimate level of guidance on pleasuring and impressing any woman. The program is created for individuals in committed relationships or men who are still playing the field. By the time the user is done with the program, they’ll know how to speed up an orgasm, break free of their mediocre sex life, and create a craving from their partner like never before. Alpha male supplement focusing on the various erogenous zones and graphic moves that most men can only imagine, these moves will easily and quickly lock in their desire for users. Some of the methods include:

  • Going on a getaway without distractions
  • Creating waves of orgasm after orgasm
  • Trying new positions
  • Combining erogenous zones
  • And more…

Adam already has quite a bit of experience in his advice, as he explains that he focuses on educating men on the best ways to improve their own and their partner’s sex life. In fact, he says that he’s already considered to be “the greatest sex coach on the planet.” His advice comes from a place of understanding since he lost his own relationship as the result of boring sex. Alpha nutrition

The program comes with a warning about the content included as the tips are extremely explicit. Plus, users will have to invest quite a bit to get started, so it isn’t for individuals that aren’t willing to put in the physical effort. However, despite the physical and financial costs, Adam guarantees that everything will work for any woman. In his feedback from early users of the program, he found incredibly positive reactions to the techniques.Rock hard formula side effects

Do THIS tonight and upgrade your s*x life

Reality is…

The majority of guys, even alphas, don’t know how to really please a woman.

Sex begins and ends in a woman’s mind. THAT’S what really makes her p*ssy wet with desire.

And the door to a woman’s mind is DOMINATION and CONTROL.

Few guys know how to use domination and control effectively in the bedroom.

They try what they may see on some purn site and it backfires and think “that doesn’t work.”

Of course, that doesn’t work.

That’s because purn is entertainment, not education.

What men struggle with is how to introduce it into a relationship without being seen as “kinky”.

Domination is NOT kinky, although it can be. Domination, light or heavy, is something that a woman secretly yearns for.

She wants to be controlled… lead… restrained… told what to do and when.

It’s when she’s at her best feminine self–submitting to the man’s s*xual power.

If you’re not doing this in the bedroom, she remains unfulfilled, even though your eight-inch c*ck maybe pounding her like a jackhammer.

That’s why I’m advocating you get sex coach, Adam Armstrong’s book.

It shows guys how to introduce domination into the relationship, in a way that’s not just acceptable to the woman, but DEEPLY DESIRED.

From the very first night, a woman will notice the shift and yield to your authority as a man.

You take the relationship reins. You decide how it all goes down, not her. Never her, again.

Even before you touch her, you know how to mindfvck her, in a way she’ll absolutely become addicted to.

I know it sounds weird.

If you or me were going to be dominated, we’d push back hard at the slightest hint.

But that’s what makes women different. They desire to be dominated.

Now the 21st century woman in them will bristle at the thought, but in the right man’s capable hands?

She’ll yield to him, willingly.

She’ll put her feminine soul in his hands. And it will make her panties wet just thinking about it.

That’s what Adam Armstrong’s book will do for you and your woman.

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