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At this point, competition was still keen and the choice of contractor very much a toss-up. Designated MA, it measured 130 inches long on an 80-inch wheelbase and differed from the round-nose “Quad” in having a flat, vertical-bar grille, though headlamps were still perched atop the front fenders. Said one of those ads: “The Jeep has carried brave men into countless thrilling actions on every blazing front of the war.” Of course, its civilian descendant, the Jeep CJ, would go on many adventures in peacetime.

Of course, there’s no telling what other companies might have developed had they known Bantam would be allowed to exceed the weight target by 56 percent. Then, in March 1941, the Army ordered 1,500 units from all three companies. After further tests, Bantam was given 12 weeks to build 70 additional units. In December 1941, just days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Bantam Jeep number 2,675 rolled off the Butler assembly line, the last vehicle the company would ever produce.

Willys showed its “Quad” proposal on November 13, finalized under engineering vice-president Delmar G. “Barney” Roos, and Ford displayed its entry within 10 days.

Meanwhile, Willys and Ford Motor Company had obtained copies of the firm’s project specifications, now military property, and submitted prototypes of their own, though with less concern about deadlines than Bantam. Ultimately, the Army decided that the Willys Jeep was the sturdiest and most reliable and selected it over the Bantam and Ford designs for the sake of standardization.

Both were heavier than the Bantam, but the Willys had the most muscle, its “Go-Devil” four producing 60 horsepower. Power was supplied by the 134.2-cubic-inch, 63-horsepower L-head four from the 1941-1942 Americar passenger models. It features an all-wheel steering system, all-wheel drive and is definitely aimed to compete with luxury German models. Traveling only by night and hiding by day, the ghostly caravan swung in a wide arc which finally brought it to a point far behind the German lines.

She was wearing a motorized safety harness, but she ascended too quickly at one point and struck a catwalk above her. With the aid of one of his stronger troops, he heaved the Bantam from said ditch, and that was the end of that. Jeeps carried troops, both well and wounded, mounted guns, hauled supplies, guarded lines, delivered messages, j and p cycles returns transported everyone from commanding generals and VIPs to rank-and-file GIs.

You simply take a picture of the barcode stamped on the product, and the app instantly calls up prices for the same item at nearby retailers as well as online vendors.The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is a children’s picture book which centers around a caterpillar who eats a large amount of food before pupating and emerging as a butterfly. The book was written, designed and illustrated by Eric Carle.” Who was he? Due to its lack of facilities, Bantam was soon phased out of the production picture. Bantam duly delivered its pre-production units, which proved successful in yet more tests. Because Bantam had no high-volume production facilities, Probst sought help from taxicab maker Checker Motors in Kalamazoo.

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