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The last week witnessed several significant world events that have dominated international headlines. In this report, we will take a look at some of the major news stories from around the globe over the past seven days. 1. Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan The biggest Germay News Today story of the week is the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. After almost 20 years of the US-led coalition’s presence in the country, the Taliban took over Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, on Sunday.

Chaos broke out as people fled their homes and tried to leave the country. The international community is closely watching the situation and is calling for the protection of human rights and the safety of the Afghan people. 2. Earthquake in Haiti Another significant event that took place last week was the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti on Saturday. The earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.2, killed more than 1,400 people and left thousands injured.

The country is still reeling from the effects of the disaster, and the international community is providing aid and support to help the affected people. 3. COVID-19 Pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic is still a significant ongoing story, with new cases and deaths being reported every day. Many countries are continuing to vaccinate their populations, while others are struggling to get access to vaccines.

The delta variant of the virus is causing concern, with many countries reintroducing restrictions to curb the spread of the virus. 4. Myanmar Coup Continues The military coup in Myanmar continues to impact the country, with protests and violence taking place across the country. The situation has led to a humanitarian crisis, with many people displaced or without access to essential services. The international community is calling for a return to democracy and an end to human rights abuses.

5. Climate Change and Extreme Weather Climate change continues to be a pressing concern, with extreme weather events happening all over the world. This week, wildfires continued to rage across California, while floods and landslides hit parts of China and Italy. The UN Climate Report, released earlier this month, has called for urgent action to prevent further damage from climate change. In conclusion, the past week has seen several significant world events that are continuing to impact people’s lives.

The world is watching closely as developments unfold in Afghanistan, Haiti, Myanmar, and other parts of the globe. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and climate change are also major issues that require urgent action from the international community.

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